'The Maidenlane Tapes' (1986-1993)

See StonyRoad's creations from them here.

The master Maidenlane Mick Taylor live tapes (2023)

The actual Sony WM-D3 (released 1985) in 2023, with the "slips too easily" pause control Scotch-taped

The actual Sony PC-62 stereo condenser microphone

The actual mic in its combined mini-stand/clip-on connector

Re-built (in 2019) Onkyo TA-630D Cassette Deck (circa 1978) for digital capture of cassettes (stock image)

Denon DTR-2000 DAT deck (circa 1992) for digital preservation of cassettes in 1990s (stock image)

Behringer U-PHONO UFO202 DAC (2019) (stock image), with Burr Brown/TI PCM29xx chip, for capture of cassettes to digital

Apple 27-inch iMac (2019) for capture to portable digital format (stock image)

Audacity audio software for capture (free open-source for all operating systems)

A write-up of the legendary Sony WM-D3, and the Sony WM-D3 Owner's Manual (in English)

Sony WM-D3 Datasheet (click for larger image)

And in an emergency, the office Dictaphone 2250 (circa 1980), with mono condenser mic, saved the day (stock image)

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